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If your question is not covered below, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.EmmaandCat_Cropped2

What area do you cover?

Services are provided within a 7 mile radius of Shrewsbury town centre. If you live outside of this zone or are not sure, please contact us for availability and additional mileage cost information.

Are you criminal record checked? Insured?

Yes and Yes. We have a current, valid Disclosure Scotland (CRB) check and are insured through ‘Pet Business Insurance’.

What is involved in the Free Initial Consultation?

The free, no obligation initial consultation must be undertaken for new customers before any firm bookings are agreed. This is an essential opportunity to for us (and your pets) to meet each other and chat about your needs and requirements, and suitability of the service provided for your pets.

We will only need to do a re-visit (ahead of a new booking) should you gain new pets, move house or if any other significant changes happen to your situation.

For last minute bookings, we cannot visit where an initial consultation has not taken place, pets have not been met or relevant forms have not been completed, however we will do our best to help out and provide a service where possible.

If you are a regular client we will accommodate all last minute bookings where reasonably possible.

What information do you require from me, the client?

At your initial consultation, or upon making a firm booking, we will run through some forms with you that are mainly aimed at gathering as much information as possible about your pet(s), your home security and of course, service requirements.

Things to think about before the visit that would be useful include:

PETS: their likes, particular/peculiar dislikes, favourite things (toys, treats, play etc), any health concerns (major or minor), grooming and feeding instructions, out of bounds areas at home, strange habits etc…

Also practical things such as stocking up on pet food and products (we would have to add any supplies purchased whilst you are away to your invoice, including possible mileage charges, therefore it is better to be stocked up).

We will need to know which vet your pet is registered with, as well as if they are neutered, microchipped (including which database holds their information), and up to date with their vaccinations (if applicable).

THE HOME: Informing your house alarm company and your emergency contact that we will be visiting or will be given their details. Noting where your home emergency cut offs are located for your water/gas/electricity supplies. Also, think about stocking up on cleaning supplies (in case of accidents).

Whether you would like lights/heating/radio(s) turning on and off whilst you are away, any curtains you would like adjusted plus any indoor plants you may want watered (don’t worry, these little extras can be provided at no extra cost but are very useful for your home to appear more ‘lived in’).

Whether you have enough spare keys, or require more to be cut. We will require at least 2 keys- one back/side door and one front door and if possible, 2 sets for added security. Giving an additional spare key to a trusted neighbour is also advisable in case of emergency or extreme weather situation which would prevent us from visiting (very unlikely!)

Also, consider whether you would like to pick up your keys at the end of the booking, have them returned for a small fee or whether you would like us to securely hold on to them for future bookings. We will never leave keys in the house after our last visit in case your return is delayed and we need to make extra visits.

Additionally, think about any idiosyncracies regarding your keys and locking/unlocking your doors!

Can I call to see how my pet is doing?

Feel free to call whilst you are away using the number at the top of the page, or text/email us.

Alternatively, at no extra cost, we can send you an update email, text or picture text message on a per visit, daily, alternate day, or less frequent basis (your preference). See Services & Prices.

We will also fill in a visit log/report, so that you know how your pet got on during each visit.

What will you do with my pet if there is an emergency?

If your pet becomes ill or injured, or if we have any suspicions we would like confirmed, we will take your pet straight to their usual, or the nearest vet. We will apply pet first aid knowledge, if practical, ahead of transportation to the vet. We will also contact you and your emergency contact if you are not available. You as the owner will be liable for any vets fees. You will have signed a veterinary release form as part of the service agreement, in case emergency treatment is required.

In particularly hot or cold weather, special consideration is given as to whether normal services are best for your pet (e.g. whether a dog should be walked for their full walk, or even take away from the house in unusually warm weather). Your pet’s health is our top priority.

Any unexpected additional or ‘out of hours’ visits/time required to monitor and ensure the health of your pets will be added to your invoice.

Do you walk dogs in large ‘packs’?

No. At present, we specialise in one to one walks or walking two dogs from the same family at a time only (possibly up to 3 dogs, depending on size). See Services & Prices.

Is my dog required to wear a collar and tag?

Yes, if we will be going out for a walk, as this is a legal requirement. The tag must detail your name and telephone number, and address if possible.

Do you provide dog training?

We are not qualified in dog training and so will not be able to provide specific training advice. Similarly, if your dog is experiencing behavioural problems, we would suggest seeking the advice or a dog behaviourist, trainer, or vet.

However, with your instruction, we can help with reinforcing existing training you are undertaking with your dog. Please note that this is only where you employ positive reinforcement techniques- we will not be able to use any training methods that involve any kind of punishment that would cause pain or distress to your dog.

Will you care for my dog whilst I am away on holiday/overnight?

We will not generally be able to accommodate requests to visit dogs that are left alone overnight for any period, due to the welfare requirements of dogs. Individual cases for short periods with special circumstances such as illness or age may be considered at our discretion, however a high number of daily visits would be recommended.

Can you care for multiple animals/different kinds of pets within one household?

Absolutely. An assessment of the service required, length of visits required and price will be made at the initial consultation, but we can cover a range of situations and bespoke needs. As well as cats, dogs and smaller pets, we can care for outdoor pets such as pond fish or chickens.

What is the Shrewsbury Pet Points Scheme?

This is where we award you one point per individual visit booked. We keep a record of your visits, therefore points, and once you reach a certain number of points, we will contact you regarding a discount on a future booking! Once redeemed, you will begin building up Shrewsbury Pet Points again immediately, towards another future discount. Exciting stuff!

How can I pay?

Cash, cheque and bank transfer are accepted. If paying by cheque, please ensure the final balance is paid by the commencement of the first day of service (or one week before for a one off, single day booking) to ensure that payment has time to clear.